German Document Translation Services

16% of the European population speaks German as a first language. Germany is famous for its quality of higher education, research infrastructure, and teaching methodology.

CCJK is here to solve your problem. CCJK is providing its customers with premium quality translation with fast turnaround time and unbeatable prices. Some of the documents which are translated by CCJK are

Literary Publications
Job Contracts
Medical Prescriptions
Academic Degrees
Marriage Certificates

German Technical Translation Services

Technical translations require not only a skilled linguist but a professional translator with an industry-specific technical background. CCJK has a pool of subject matter experts who provide you with the best technical translations within time and budget. CCJK is providing premium quality translation services with precision and accuracy. Technical documents include

Computer software
Industrial manuals
Instruction and maintenance manuals and many more.

Germany is famous for its technical research so CCJK is the best solution for your technical translations.

German Medical Translation Services

Life is very important for human existence in the world. Medical sciences play an important role in human life. Diagnosis of lethal disease and its cure on time will save human life. Knowing the importance of human life, CCJK is providing its customers with accurate and precise translation done by subject matter experts and certified native translators.

Medical translation if not provided on time will result in human mortality so CCJK is providing German medical Translation on time and budget.

German Website Translation Services

Translating your website in the native language is one of the best ways to reach the local market without any cultural barriers. People like to purchase goods from the website which is in their native language.

CCJK has a pool of certified native linguists who are aware of German culture and prove you with premium quality German website translation in fast turnaround time and budget.

Let The Experts Handle It

With the most talented team of translators, CCJK let its expert translators work on translating all types of documents from German to English or from English to German or any of the distinct language pairs. Our professional translators are confident in their German skills at your beck and call.

Thinking of doing something unique for a change? Or even considering to enter a foreign market with a possibility of greater return on investments? German may not be our mother tongue, but our team of experts accurately translate the information regardless of the industry niche.

We are here to help you out! Never underestimate the power of a good translation service.


CCJK has an expert team of German translators performing effectively and punctually. They have extensive experience in a range of business industries.
Regularly, our experts translate 2500-3000 words per day and completion of the project is variable to length of the project and the nature of content. For details, you can contact us here.
CCJK follows the hiring procedure with great precaution. Our service is certified with ISO 9001:2008 to ensure translation quality.
All document formats are acceptable. There’s no prior need to change the document format.
Based on language, nature of content and industry niche, the project's cost may vary. Also, the length of a project determines the cost. All translation charges are calculated on per word basis with the rate being determined by the language. For further information, you can contact our sales team.

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