Japanese Document Translation Services

Translation of documents holds great importance in global world. Penetration into foreign markets can be done when you present your business documents in their language. CCKT wants to be your business partner while translating your documents.

CCJK has certified native translators who produce state of the art translation in quick turnaround time and affordable rates. The translation is foolproof to read and readability is A class for the respective client.

Japanese Technical Translation Services

Innovations in technology will resolve many problems that will arise in the future. Japan is considered being the first country to grow through innovations even when its population is declining. To spread your innovations globally, translation of technical documents is very important.

To enter into new emerging markets, technical translation of the product is required. Considering the importance of technical translation, CCJK has a pool of industry-specific and subject matter experts who provide you with precise and accurate translations in quick turnaround time and affordable rates.

Japanese Medical Translation Services

Research in medical science is being done worldwide. To understand medical research, lethal disease and innovations in medical technology, translation of medical documents are very important. Medical translation should be accurate and precise. Error in medical translation will lead to dire consequences.

CCJK is here for you to solve all your medical issues. It has a pool of subject matter experts who provide you with premium-class translation in quick turnaround time and affordable rates. Testimonial of our clients on our website shows how clients trust our Japanese Medical Translation service.

Japanese Website Translation Services

Marketing strategy of different businesses demands translation of the website in the consumer’s native language. Translation of website in the customer’s native language will allow the consumer to browse, read the product information and read the company’s blog with great interest.

The customer has the impression that your company is taking care of your preferences and interests. CCJK wants a good rapport between your company and your clients. For this purpose, CCJK’s certified native translators are there to translate your website according to the needs of potential customers. State of the art translation is provided in fast turnaround time and affordable rates.

Let The Experts Handle It

Did you know Chinese and Japanese characters are sometimes the same?

If you were not familiar with the knowledge then trust us to translate your project or document with supreme confidentiality and accurate translation whilst maintaining the original meaning of the context. Our team of professional translators work in a dedicated manner for an error-free translation. Translation service is not only about converting the language, it is a skill to understand and evaluate the contextual meaning in a precise manner.

We bet you will not come to face any other translations service provider as good as us. Try our services now and you can decide your business’s future.


Our team consists of trained and skillful Japanese translators who can deliver a perfect translation for the required project within the promised time.
On average, each expert translates 2500-3000 words per day. All the projects are finished with fast turnaround time depending upon their length as well as the deadline.
We have experienced translators who are properly trained before a project is handed over. A study in the specific domain is granted beforehand to develop a proper understanding of the client’s requirement.
Microsoft word file format is the easiest to translate, however, our translation services apply to all format types.
Our pricing methodology is based on word count and language pair. For details, you can contact us here.

What People Say About Us

Over 95% of our clients recommend our language services to others

With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality centric approach and professional services have earned it the reputation of the most trusted language service provider across the globe.

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